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Buy Cabaser Online

General Health
Also known as: Dostinex
Active ingredient: Cabergoline
Packaging Type: 20 tabs/bottle
Manufacturer : Pfizer
Product Code: PR10217
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What is Cabaser?

Cabaser is prescribed to treat disorders associated with abnormal levels of the neurochemical dopamine. It is specifically used to treat Parkinson’s disease. It may also be used to treat abnormal levels of hormone prolactin in blood.

Classification and Mode of Action

Cabaser contains Cabergoline which is a dopamine receptor agonist. It mimics the action of dopamine and relieves the symptoms of Parkinson’s. Cabaser is an agonist of dopamine receptors and by binding to them it activates their action. It manages the symptoms of Parkinson’s rather than treating the disease. In pituitary gland tumors, it inhibits the formation of prolactin by the pituitary gland.

Looking after your drug

Store it at room temperature away from moisture and direct heat.

How to take the medication?

Take it by mouth as advised by your doctor.


Initial dose is 0.25mg two times in a week. It is increased gradually. Consult your doctor for the prescription.


Seek medical aid or talk to your doctor.

Missed Dose

Take it as soon as you remember. If it already time for the next dose then skip it. Do not double dose.

Warnings and Precautions

Talk to your doctor about its safety and interaction with other medicines. It can cause serious behavioural changes and serious heart valve abnormalities. Do not take it without a prescription.

Side Effects

·       Constipation, bloating, Excessive gas or full feeling

·       Indigestion, dyspepsia, nausea, vomiting

·       Weakness or lethargy

·       Headache, dizziness

·       Serious behavioural or mood changes

When should Cabaser not be used?

Allergy to the medicine, High B.P., heart valve problems, fibrosis of internal organs, along with sumatriptan or other antipsychotic drugs

How long should you take Cabaser?

As per your prescription