Buy Zovirax Cream Online

Buy Zovirax Cream Online

Anti Viral
Also known as: Acivir, Herplex, HERNOVIR, ACIKLOVIR
Active ingredient: Aciclovir , Acyclovir
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Generic Zovirax 5% cream 5 gm

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What is this drug

Zovirax Cream  is a combination of the oral formulation of acyclovir and the cream which is used as an adjunct to the systemic drug. It is an antiviral drug which is used in treating herpes simplex virus infections, as well as in treating varicella zoster (chickenpox) and shingles, or herpes zoster. It was one of the most impressive medications ever developed when it was introduced and it is still commonly used. It is sold under names Acivir, Acivirax and Imavir to name a few.

Classification and Mechanism of Action

Zovirax Cream is a guanosine analogue antiviral drug. It causes premature chain termination in the DNA of the viral cells. It therefore leads to the death of viral cells. Herpes virus is very susceptible to this drug and that is why it is considered to be the first line treatment against various herpes conditions.

Looking after your drug

Store your Zovirax Cream tablets and cream at room temperature away from light and moisture. If either of the two should expire, you need to dispose of it and order new Generic Zovirax online, which will also save you money.

How to take Zovirax Cream

Generic Zovirax needs to be taken exactly as prescribed. Your treatment may include just the tablets or just the cream. More often than not, the treatment will include both these two. It is important to start using generic acyclovir as soon as the first signs of herpes infections appear. You should apply the cream to dry skin and only the affected area. You should not dress once you apply the cream unless the doctor has instructed you to. You need to come in for regular checkups to make sure that the drug is working properly.


Your doctor will prescribe a dosage for you and you need to adhere to it without any deviations from the prescribed regimen.


If you think you have taken too much of the drug, seek emergency medical help. Signs of an overdose may include: convulsions, hallucinations, reduced urination.

Missed Dose

If you missed a dose, take it when you remember it. Skip it if it is almost time for the next one. Never double the doses.

Warnings and Precautions

Herpes infections are very contagious and Generic Zovirax will not prevent transmission of the infection. You should avoid getting infected areas into contact with other people. Keep the area affected by herpes infections clean and dry. Do not use more of the drug than recommended and make sure that you avoid any potential interactions with other drugs.

Possible Side Effects

Milder side effects may include: swelling in feet and hands, headache, lightheadedness, diarrhea, vomiting, loss of appetite, nausea, stomach pain. Serious side effects include: unusual weakness, bleeding and bruising, urinating less, pain in lower back.

Treating herpes infections

Zovirax Cream is the most effective treatment against herpes infections by far. It has been the first line treatment for various conditions caused by herpes virus ever since it was introduced onto the market.

When Zovirax Cream should not be used

It should not be used if you are allergic to acyclovir or valaciclovir.

How long should you take the drug

Take Generic Zovirax until your doctor tells you to discontinue the treatment.