Alclometasone (Generic Aclovate Cream)

Alclometasone (Generic Aclovate Cream)

Also known as: Aclovate Cream, AFLODERM
Active ingredient: Alclometasone
Product Code: Alclometasone (Generic Aclovate Cream)
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This medicine contains active ingredient alclometasone dipropionate, which belongs to a group of medicines called topical corticosteroids that are also referred to as topical steroids. These creams and ointments are used on the skin to relieve the symptoms of eczema or dermatitis flare-up by reducing inflammation, itching and redness. It relieves the symptoms such as sore skin, redness, and tiny blisters. Alclometasone can also relieve inflammation caused by insect bites and stings.

Is Alclometasone suitable for me?

Alclometasone is not suitable for everyone. Do not use it

  • if you are allergic to any of the ingredients in this medicine
  • for children under 12 years old
  • on your face, groin, genital areas (genital folds) or the folds of your breast, anus, between your toes
  • if you have rosacea, acne, or a rash around the mouth
  • if you have broken or infected skin including cold sores, herpes, chickenpox, impetigo, ringworm, athlete‚Äôs foot or thrush, tuberculosis of the skin
  • if you have seborrhoeic dermatitis or psoriasis

In particular, you must tell the doctor:

  • if you have any areas of infected skin
  • if you are treating the same area of skin for a third time
  • if you are pregnant or breast-feeding
  • if you have ever had an allergic reaction to a skin preparation
  • if you are using other corticosteroid creams or ointments

Alclometasone interacts with other medicines. It is most important that you tell the doctor all the medications and herbal supplements that you are currently taking.

See the package leaflet for a complete list of possible contraindications and warnings.

How should I take Alclometasone?

This medicine is available in form of cream and ointment.

You should take Alclometasone exactly as instructed by your doctor or pharmacist. Your doctor will tell you how often to apply the medicine.

  • It must be applied no more than twice a day, and once a day is often sufficient, for up to 7 days.
  • Small amount (fingertip measure) is rubbed into the affected area of the skin.

Do not use more of it, do not use it more often, or do not use it for a longer time than your doctor instructed.

Read the information leaflet provided with your medication for additional information. Talk to your doctor if you have any additional questions.

What are Alclometasone side effects?

Like all medicines alclometasone can cause side effects, including:

  • redness, swelling, itching of the skin (signs of an allergic reaction)
  • worsening of the condition being treated
  • irritation, burning or stinging sensation after applying the cream

Other skin reactions such as:

  • dry skin, acne, rash around the mouth, heat rash
  • increased hair growth, swelling of the hair follicles
  • soft, wet skin
  • thinning of the skin
  • changes in color of treated skin
  • blisters, pimples, or crusting of treated skin
  • stretch marks

Consult a doctor if the side effects are severe. See the package leaflet for a complete list of side effects.