Generic Mestinon Cost

Generic Mestinon Cost

Pain Relief
Active ingredient: Pyridostigmine bromide
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Generic Mestinon 60 mg

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What is this drug

Generic Mestinon is a prescription medication which is usually used in treatment of myasthenia gravis. Its generic name is Pyridostigmine and it is sold as Gravitor, Distinon, Myestin, etc. It has been used by the military prior to exposure to nerve agents like Soman. It is also sometimes used to treat orthostatic hypotension and postural tachycardia syndrome.

Classification and Mechanism of Action

Generic Mestinon falls in the class of cholinesterase inhibitor drugs. It slows down the hydrolysis of acetylcholine through inhibition of acetylcholinesterase in the synaptic cleft. It effectively improves nerve impulses in the various muscles and improves their functioning and strength.

Looking after your drug

Keep Generic Mestinon in a cool dark place away from moisture.

How to take the medication

Take Generic Mestinon as it was prescribed to you. Do not increase or decrease your Generic Mestinon dosages and make sure you use it regularly to achieve the best results. Make sure that you do not combine Generic Mestinon with any other drugs that might interact with it and cause unwanted effects. Learn about the side effects and which of them need to be reported to the doctor. If your physician changes your dosage, make sure to acknowledge it and adhere to the latest instructions.


Usual initial dosage is 60 mg three times a day. Maintenance dose can be increased dramatically and range between 60 to 1500 mg a day in 3 to 6 doses.


If you suspect an overdose on generic pyridostigmine, seek emergency medical attention.

Missed Dose

If you skipped a dose of Generic Mestinon, take it as soon as you remember. Do not take it if the next dose is near. Do not take a double dose to make up for the missed one.

Warnings and Precautions

Do not use Generic Mestinon in children. If you become pregnant during your Generic Mestinon treatment, inform your doctor of this at once. They will decide whether to continue your regimen. If you are having any procedures done, let the medical staff know that you are using Generic Mestinon. Do not combine Generic Mestinon with any drugs unless your doctor has instructed you to do so.

Possible Side Effects

Generic Mestinon usually does not cause any side effects if it is used correctly. Some more serious side effects that may occur when using Generic Mestinon need to be reported at once and they include: allergic reactions, muscle weakness, increased sweating, diarrhea, fainting, increased salivation, nausea, small pupils, troubles breathing, weakness, vision changes, vomiting, stomach cramps.

Treating myasthenia gravis

If you are suffering from myasthenia gravis, you should order Generic Mestinon online after talking to your doctor as this will save you money on your medication. It is a generic version of generic pyridostigmine and it is just as effective as more expensive brand names.

When the drug should not be used

Generic Mestinon should not be used if you are allergic to pyridostigmine. Inform your doctor of any other conditions that you might have.

How long should you take the drug

Take Generic Mestinon for as long as it was prescribed to you. Do not stop using the drug before the regimen is completed. Do not continue to use it once your doctor instructs you to stop.