Generic Videx Ec (Didanosine)

Generic Videx Ec (Didanosine)

Also known as: Videx
Active ingredient: Didanosine
Packaging Type: 30 caps/bottle
Manufacturer : Cipla
Product Code: PR10233
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Dinex - EC 30 capsules bottle 400 mg

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Generic Videx EC (Dinex EC) is an antiviral drug which is used to prevent the HIV (Human Immunodeficiency Virus) virus to multiply in human blood cells. It is used to treat certain conditions, such as lack of immunity caused by traces of HIV virus that further turns into Acquired Immuno Deficiency Syndrome (AIDS). This drug is not a permanent cure for HIV or AIDS.

Classification and Mechanism of Action

Didanocsine is of reverse transcriptase inhibitor class that prevents the multiplication effect of the HIV virus and increases resistance in a human body so that the virus does not turn into AIDS. The drug is listed in the World Health Organization’s list of most essential medicines for human health.

How to take the medication

Generic Videx EC (Dinex EC) should be taken on an empty stomach. You are required to take the medicine minimum two hours before or after your meals. It is because the medicine becomes toxic if you take it with a full stomach.


It is a highly selective medicine due to its unique properties. It must be used by following the prescription of the specialist. Otherwise, several interactions and adverse effects may be noticed.


Overdose of Generic Videx EC (Dinex EC) is very serious and may result adversely. So take emergency consultation in case you overdose.

Missed Dose

If you forgot to take this medicine on time, then you can take it as soon as you remember, however, if it is almost time for the next dose then simply skip the missed dose.

Warnings and Precautions

Since Generic Videx EC (Dinex EC) is a highly selective and disease specific drug, so be sure to inform your physician if you are suffering from any of the following conditions:
-       If you are pregnant
-       If you are a nursing mother
-       If you are suffering from liver, kidney, or heart disease
-       If you are having other medicines like antibiotics or broad spectrum steroids
-       If you have a history of any serious surgery

Common Side Effects

-       Liver Cirrhosis
-       Kidney Failure
-       Pancreatitis
-       Loss of libido
-       Arrested sexual maturation in young adults

When the drug should not be used?

The drug should be avoided in the following conditions:-
-       If the pack is opened for more than 30 days
-       If liquid Generic Videx EC (Dinex EC) is kept outside the refrigerator
-       Never take this medicine with alcohols as the drug becomes highly noxious.

How long should you take the drug?

Take this medicine as long as prescribed by your doctor.