Apcalis Sx Oral Jelly 20 Mg

Apcalis Sx Oral Jelly 20 Mg

Erectile Dysfunction
Also known as: Generic Cialis Oral Jelly
Active ingredient: Tadalafil
Packaging Type: 5 gm sachet
Manufacturer : Ajanta Pharma Limited
Product Code: PR10040
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Apcalis SX Oral Jelly 20 mg

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Cialis and its generic versions are becoming really popular and they are even outselling Viagra and its generic drug versions these days. The reason for this is pretty simple - Cialis and generic versions of the drug are simply more potent than Viagra is. If you are looking to get a lot for a little amount of money, then you are best of getting a generic version of Cialis when it comes to erectile dysfunction remedies. Of course, none of these drugs will actually cure your erectile dysfunction, but they will manage it. And when you take a generic version of Cialis, like Apcalis Sx, you will get long lasting erection capabilities with just one pill. Just like with Cialis, generic versions like Apcalis Sx come in various types. One of the most popular and best selling ways to take the drug is the Apcalis Sx oral jelly.

Mechanism of Action

The mechanism of action is the compound in the drug that makes it effective. In the case of Cialis and generic versions of the drug, that compound is always Tadalafil Citrate. This is a compound and inhibitor that improves the blood flow and circulation in your body and enables blood to reach the penis, which is what is necessary in order for you to get an erection. Tadalafil is strong and last very long, up to 36 hours.


Since generic Cialis like Apcalis Sx oral jelly is much stronger than Viagra and its generic versions, the dosages are also smaller. 40mg is the norm, but the pill is even available in 10mg and 20mg for people who do not want the effects of the drug to last as long.


Because Apcalis Sx oral jelly is so potent, men should be speaking to their doctors before starting to use it. Even though you do not need to get a prescription from a doctor in order to buy Apcalis Sx oral jelly and use it, it is best to stay on the safe side and visit your doctor to talk about it anyway.

Side Effects

Serious side effects from taking Apcalis Sx oral jelly only occur if the person is taking the drug while on other medications that don't react well with it, or if they are mixing it with alcohol. In most cases, the side effects are quite slight and might include back aches, nausea, drowsiness or stomach cramping.


If you are taking any other medication, especially heart medication, you should consult your doctor before taking Apcalis Sx oral jelly because it might not be safe for you to take.


I was really glad when I was finally able to find a generic version of Cialis that was available as an oral jelly. Apcalis Sx oral jelly has really helped me greatly with my erectile dysfunction issues." - Ned W. (Washington)

If you are looking for an oral jelly generic version of Cialis, Apcalis Sx oral jelly is highly recommended. It works just as well, lasts just as long, and the price is right." - Jake S. (Montana)