Generic Baraclude Cost

Generic Baraclude Cost

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Also known as: Entavir
Active ingredient: Entecavir
Manufacturer : Cipla
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Generic Baraclude (Entecavir) 0.5mg

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What is Entecavir (Generic Baraclude) ?

Baraclude is a generic name for Entecavir. It inhibits the multiplication of certain cells in the human body. It treats the chronic hepatitis B in children and adults. It is neither a cure for hepatitis B nor prevents liver cancer.

Classification and mechanism of action

Entecavir stops the function of all HBV activities. When it is incorporated in the DNA, it affects the HBV activity.

Looking after the drug

Store the drug at room temperature. Keep it away from light, heat and moisture. Keep the container tightly closed when it’s not in use. The oral liquid of this drug must be kept in the original carton.

How to take the medication?

Follow all the directions given on the prescription label of baraclude. Take the drug only under the doctor’s care.

Baraclude must be taken on an empty stomach 2 hours before or after eating.

Measure the dose of the liquid medicine carefully. Keep the spoon upright to ensure the right measurement of the dose.



Adolescents and adults who are 16 years or older with a history of hepatitis B are recommended to take 1 mg once every day while receiving lamivudine.

For chronic hepatitis B, it is recommended to take 0.5 mg once every day.

Adults with decompensated liver are recommended to take 1 mg once every day.

Pediatric patients who are 2 years of age or older should use the oral solution of baraclude. However; their weight must not be less than 10 kg.


Consult a doctor in case of an overdose in order to avoid any change of health complications.

Missed dose

The missed dose must be taken as soon as you realize that you have skipped a dose. If it’s time for the next dose, skip it. Never take an extra dose to cover up the missed dose.

Warnings and Precautions

  • Inform your doctor if you have untreated HIV
  • Do not use entecavir if you are allergic to it.
  • Inform your doctor if you have a liver disease, kidney disease, HIV or AIDS
  • If you have had a liver transplant or take any other medication such as lamivudine and telbivudine
  • Inform the doctor if you have a medical history of hepatitis B.

Possible Side Effects

Possible side effects and symptoms due to entecavir includes the following

  • Trouble breathing
  • Fast heart rate
  • Feeling dizzy
  • Muscle pain
  • Cold feeling in arms and legs
  • Stomach pain
  • Nausea
  • Headache
  • Dizziness

When the drug should not be used?

Do not use the drug during pregnancy as it is not known whether the drug can harm the baby or not. Tell your doctor if you plan to get pregnant in the near future.

How long should you take the drug?

Use the medicine regularly to keep the condition from getting worse. Get the container of entecavir refilled before you run out of the medicine completely.