Ibandronic acid

Ibandronic acid

Arthritis / Joint and Bone
Also known as: ALVODRONIC
Active ingredient: Ibandronic acid
Manufacturer : Sun Pharmaceuticals Industries
Product Code: PR10882
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Generic Boniva (IBANDRONIC ACID) 150mg

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What is this drug?

Bones are a central part of our body system after the heart. Healthy bones are necessary for healthy life. Normally, two types of bone cell work to make our bone healthy and strong; these are:

  • Osteoclasts which destroy old bone cells.
  • Osteoblasts are the ones who build new bone cells.

As we age, our bones become thinner and weaker. This may cause osteoporosis; Ibandronic is a drug that is used to treat osteoporosis. It is a kind of drug known as bisphosphonate.


How to take medication?

Ibandronic is a drug that you can take as a tablet or in the form of a vaccine. Doctors recommend taking one tablet each day with a glass of water. Doesn't chew, suck or crush the tablet while taking it; only swallow the whole tablet? It is best if you take this drug in the morning since no food intake is permitted six hours after taking this medicine. If you are taking this drug in the form of a drip; you should Drip 1 to 2 hours for one time in life to lower the calcium level in your blood. In order to avoid bone damage, use this drip only 3 to 4 times a week. In order to avoid bone damage, use this drip only 3 to 4 times a week.

After taking the tablet, you must stay standing or sitting upright. You don’t need to eat or drink anything (except water) after taking this. It is crucial to stay in touch with your pharmacist or doctor before the use of this drug. It is very necessary to take the right dosage of medicines; you should not take more or less than the recommended dosage. The amount may directly affect your stomach.

Possible side effects

Ibandronic for osteoporosis may cause rash, headache, stomach irritation, heartburn, intestinal ulcer, back pain and vomiting. These diseases are somehow familiar. The Ibandronic for bone cancer may cause the low calcium in the blood, dry mouth, intestinal bleeding, chest pain, weakness and feeling unwell are the possible side effect of this drug.

Warnings and precautions


  • Before taking Ibandronic acid, you should contact your health physician.
  • Experts suggest that you should avoid this drug if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.
  • If you have any problem related to your stomach or intestine, you should avoid this.
  • Cancer patients must take the suggestion of their pharmacist before using it.