Buy Colchicine 0.6Mg Online

Buy Colchicine 0.6Mg Online

Arthritis / Joint and Bone
Also known as: Colchicin
Active ingredient: Colchicine
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What is Colchicine 0.6 mg?

Colchicine is an alkaloid extracted from a flower known as meadow saffron. It is prescribed in gout flares and sometimes in familial Mediterranean fever. It is also available in the market as Colcrys.

Classification and Mechanism of Action

Colchicine is a beta-tubulin interactor and is an anti-inflammatory agent. The excessive uric acid in the blood gets deposited in the joints as crystals. These crystals stimulate neutrophils in the white blood cells to mediate an inflammatory response. Colchicine disrupts the activity of theses neutrophils and reduces the inflammatory symptoms like pain and swelling.

Looking after your drug

Store it at room temperature in a dry place. Keep it away from the reach of kids and pets.

How to take Colchicine 0.6 mg?

Take it orally with or without food and absolutely as prescribed by your doctor. Do not consume grapefruit with this medicine.


Dosage depends on a multitude of factors. Consult your doctor for the correct dose.


Consult your doctor right away.

Missed Dose

If it is time for your next dose then skip the missed dose or else take it as soon as you remember. Do not double dose.

Warnings and Precautions

It reacts with certain medications. Consult your doctor. Use with caution in severe renal and liver ailments.

Possible Side Effects

·       Allergic reaction

·       Fever

·       Muscle cramps, pain or aches

·       Unusual bleeding or bruising

·       Lethargy

·       Chills, or a sore throat

·       Numbness or tingling in hands or feet

·       Vomiting

When Colchicine 0.6 mg should not be used?

Do not use if you are allergic to the drug. Do not use in kids under 4 years of age.

How long should you take the drug?

As long as prescribed.

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