Buy Generic Rochagan (Benznidazol)

Buy Generic Rochagan (Benznidazol)

Active ingredient: Benznidazol
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Benznidazole or Rochagan belongs to a group of medicines known as antiprotozoals. This medicine is used for treating an infection known as American trypanosomiasi. This drug works by killing the one-celled, tiny animals (protozoa). Benznidazole is available in both tablet and oral dosage forms.

Looking after your drug

Here are some tips to look after your drug.

  • Keep this medicine away from direct light and heat.
  • Keep out of the reach of children.
  • Make sure not to store this medicine in damp places, such as near the kitchen or in the bathroom.
  • Do not keep this medicine no longer needed.


How to take the medication

You can take this medicine with food, preferably after supper and breakfast for decreasing the chances of stomach upset. In case you get an upset stomach, such as vomiting, stomach pain, nausea or diarrhea and it continues so consult your physician.

  • For adolescent and adult, the usual dose is 5 to 7 mg daily per kg of body weight after each meal with an interval of 12 hours in two doses.
  • For children up to 12 years of age, the dosage is 10 mg daily per kg of body weight after every meal, with an interval of 12 hours in two doses.



Seek urgent medical help in case you overdose this medicine.

Missed Dose

You can take the missed dose of Benznidazol as soon as you remember. In case, if it is almost the time for the next dose, then you should skip the missed dose. Never take an additional dose to make up the missed dose.

Warnings and Precautions


  • Regularly visit your doctor to check the progress
  • Consult your doctor immediately if thrombocytopenia or leukopenia occurs
  • Consult your doctor immediately if chills or fever occur or any other infection
  • Consult your doctor immediately if unusual bruising or bleeding occurs.
  • You should avoid using alcoholic beverages while taking this medicine.


Possible Side Effects

Immediately consult your doctor if you have any of the following side effects from the drug. Here is a list of some common side effects

  • Convulsions (seizures)
  • reddish discoloration of skin
  • numbness
  • weakness in feet or hand
  • tingling pain


Here is a list of some rare side effect of this drug


  • Fever or chills
  • Unusual bruising or bleeding
  • red spots on skin
  • sore throat
  • skin rash