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Active ingredient: Desloratadine
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Generic Clarinex 5 mg

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What is it

Generic Clarinex is an oral drug which can also be available in form of nasal sprays or powders and it is used in treatment of allergic reactions and hay fevers, as well as similar conditions. It is an antihistamine and an improvement on Loratadine, an older medication from which it was derived. It causes less drowsiness than other antihistamine drugs because it does not pass into the central nervous system as easily as other drugs of its king. Its generic name is Desloratadine and it can be found under a number of brand names.

Classification and Mechanism of Action

Generic Clarinex is an antihistamine drug which means that it prevents the effects of histamine on the receptors, thus reducing the symptoms of various allergy conditions. It reduces the swelling, the redness, the itching, as well as nasal congestion and sneezing that are associated with allergies. It is particularly popular because of its ability to reduce congestion in the nose.

Looking after it

Store your Generic Clarinex away from children and pets. Store it in a dry place, away from direct light and heat. If you notice that your medication has expired, buy Generic Clarinex and use the new medications.

How to take it

Take Generic Clarinex as prescribed by your doctor. Do not change your treatment or your dosage on your own. If you feel that the drug is not effective enough, talk to your doctor about increasing the dosage perhaps. This medication is usually taken once a day but if your doctor advises you otherwise, listen to their input. If you notice that your symptoms are not improving, you should contact your doctor before stopping to use the drug or before increasing the dosage.


The usual recommended dose is one 5 mg pill a day. Depending on your condition, your age and weight, your doctor may recommend a different dosage. Always follow their instructions.


An overdose on Generic Clarinex may cause increased heart rate as well as other adverse effects. If you suspect that too much of this drug has been taken, you should contact emergency medical services at once.

Missed Dose

If you skipped a dose, take it when you can. If it is almost time for the next scheduled dose, take that one and skip the one you missed.

Warnings and Precautions

If your doctor advises you not to eat, drink or engage in certain activities, follow their instructions. Generic Clarinex may make you feel dizzy or drowsy. If this happens, avoid operating any vehicles or machinery until you are feeling better.

Possible Side Effects

Generic Clarinex may cause side effects like headaches, diarrhea, nausea, tiredness, drowsiness, muscle pains, cough, sore throat and dry mouth. More severe side effects need to be reported straight away and may include: jaundice, seizures, flu symptoms, fever, uneven, pounding or fast heartbeat.

Treating allergies

Generic Clarinex is an exquisite antihistamine drug and it is often prescribed by doctors to patients who are suffering from allergies. If you are one of them, it is best to order Generic Clarinex online as you will get a high quality medication but will not be spending too much money.

When should it not be used

If you are allergic to desloratadine or Loratadine, you should not take Generic Clarinex.

How long should you take it

You should take Generic Clarinex for as long as it was recommended to you.