Buy Eriacta 100

Buy Eriacta 100

Erectile Dysfunction
Also known as: Generic Viagra
Active ingredient: Sildenafil Citrate
Packaging Type: 4 tabs/blister
Manufacturer : Ranbaxy
Product Code: PR10007
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Eriacta 100 mg

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There are not many things that are more frustrating for men than not being able to perform in the bedroom. And unfortunately, there are many men out there that suffer from erectile dysfunction, which of course, is the inability to achieve and maintain an erection. This has been a problem for a long time, but thanks to modern technology and medicine, it is now a problem that can be treated. It is not curable with medicine, but there are drugs that can give you erections when you need them. Once such drug is Eriacta. Eriacta is a generic version of the popular drug Viagra, and it works just as well at handling your erectile dysfunction problems.

Mechanism of Action

The mechanism of action in Eriacta is Sildenafil Citrate, which is a compound that stimulates blood flow in the body and enables blood to enter the penis and let you achieve an erection. This is the same mechanism of action that Viagra uses, since it is pretty much the exact same drug that is being sold under a different name.


You should take a 100mg pill of Eriacta about 45 minutes to an hour before you want to have sex. It takes that much time for the Eriacta to kick in and to start working.


Eriacta is safe for the most part, but regardless, it is best to consult a physician before starting to use it. This is especially important for men who are either already on a different medication or have other health problems that they are dealing with. If you are taking other medication, make sure that taking Eriacta is alright before you begin doing so in order to avoid side effects and other potential health problems.

Side Effects

The most common side effects that are associated with Eriacta include drowsiness, dizziness, nausea and headaches. However, these side effects are usually minor.


If you are planning to take Eriacta, make sure that you do not have to do anything that requires a lot of concentration directly after taking the pill. Because of the drowsiness that it might cause, people are advised not to drive a car directly after taking Eriacta.


I didn't believe that generic drugs worked as well as Viagra when some people told me to try them, but I'm glad I did. Eriacta works just as well as Viagra and I don't experience any side effects from it." - Bobby D. (New England)

Eriacta is the perfect solution for erectile dysfunction if you want to get a drug that is inexpensive and sold on the Internet discretely. Not to mention that it also works great and gives me long lasting erections every time." - Neil E. (Wyoming)