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Buy Generic Xalatan Online

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Active ingredient: Latanoprost
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Generic Xalatan 0.005% 2.5 ml

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What is this drug

Generic Xalatan is a medication that is used as an ophthalmic solution in treatment of ocular hypertension and glaucoma. It prevents progression of glaucoma as it reduces blood pressure in the eye. It is a very popular medication and its generic name is latanoprost. It is somewhat similar to another drug called Bimatoprost.

Classification and Mechanism of Action

Generic Xalatan works by increasing the outflow of the so called aqueous fluid from the eye, through the uvealsclearal tract. This increased outflow reduces the blood pressure in the eye and causes alleviation of symptoms and reduces the chances of glaucoma progressing further. It is classified as a prostaglandin analogue.

Looking after your drug

Store Generic Xalatan away from children, in a dark, dry and cool place. If you notice any foreign particles in the solution or if it has changed in color, throw it out. You can order Generic Xalatan online and get great discounts.

How to take the medication

Use Generic Xalatan exactly as recommended by your doctor. First, wash your hands and then pull down the lower eyelid of the eye that is being treated. Squeeze out a drop of the medication, making sure that the applicator is not touching the eye. Once you put the drop in, press on the corner of the eye to prevent the drug from going into the tear duct where it will do nothing. Stay that way for a minute or two. Do not blink during this time. After a minute has passed, you can let go and start blinking again. Do not use Generic Xalatan if you are wearing your contact lenses.


Use the exact amount of Generic Xalatan that the doctor has prescribed for you.


Seek emergency medical assistance if an overdose is suspected.

Missed Dose

Take the missed dose as soon as you remember. Do not take the missed one if the next scheduled one is soon. Never take a double dosage.

Warnings and Precautions

Generic Xalatan may make your vision blurry for a while. Do not use too much of the drug as this may actually reduce its effectiveness. Do not use it with other eye medications and make sure you are not wearing your contact lenses when you apply the drug. Do not let the applicator come into contact with any surfaces, including your hands and eye. If you notice any particles in your solution, throw it away. Generic Xalatan may change the color of your eyes, eyelids and eye lashes. Your eyelashes may become more lush after prolonged use of this drug. Color change may be permanent.

Possible Side Effects

Mild side effects of Generic Xalatan may include: mild irritation, stinging or burning in the eyes, headache, blurred vision, dry or watery eyes, mild eye discomfort, cold symptoms. Serious side effects include: chest pain, vision changes, increased sensitivity to light, oozing or discharge from the eye, redness, itching, swelling and pain in or around the eye.

Treating intraocular hypertension

Intraocular hypertension may be a condition of itself and it can also be a symptoms of glaucoma. In any case, it can be treated with Generic Xalatan, an ophthalmic solution that can reduce the intraocular pressure very effectively.

When the drug should not be used

You should not use Generic Xalatan if you are allergic to latanoprost.

How long should you take the drug

You should take generic latanoprost for as long as your doctor instructs you to.