Buy Plavix 75 Mg Online

Buy Plavix 75 Mg Online

Blood Pressure
Also known as: CARDOGREL
Active ingredient: Clopidogrel Bisulfate
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What is this drug

Generic Plavix is an oral drug which is used in managing coronary artery disease, cerebrovascular disease and peripheral vascular disease. It is used because it helps inhibit formation of blood clots in the blood vessels. Its generic name is clopidogrel and it is sold under additional brand names like Clopilet, Thinrin and Zogrell.

Classification and Mechanism of Action

Generic Plavix is an antiplatelet agent which means that it inhibits the creation of thrombs by decreasing aggregation of platelet.

Looking after your drug

Keep your Generic Plavix away from children, in a dry, dark and cool place.

How to take the medication

Generic Plavix should be taken exactly as prescribed. Larger dosages may harm your health and the lower dosages may cause negative effects as well. Generic Plavix works best when it is taken regularly. It should be taken with a full drink of water, with or without food. Your doctor may want to check your blood regularly when you take Generic Plavix. Inform any medical staff that will do surgery or any other procedures on you that you are taking this drug.


Most common daily dosage is 75 mg once daily. Your dosage may differ and you should adhere to the dosage recommended by your doctor.


If you suspect an overdose on Generic Plavix has occurred, seek emergency medical help at once.

Missed Dose

If you miss a Generic Plavix dose, take one as soon as you realize it. Do not take it if your next dosage is soon. Do not double the dosage.

Warnings and Precautions

Generic Plavix may increase the risks of injury and bleeding. This includes bleeding when you shave or brush your teeth as well. If you have surgery scheduled, let your surgeon know that you are using this drug. Do not discontinue the drug without talking to the doctor. If you have a bleeding that does not stop, contact your doctor. If you notice any signs of an internal bleeding, contact your doctor at once. Never combine Generic Plavix with any drugs without talking to your doctor.

Possible Side Effects

Mild Generic Plavix side effects may include: itching and mild headaches. More serious side effects that warrant contact with your physician include: easy bleeding and bruising, purple or red points under the skin, pale skin, weakness, vision, speech or balance problems, fever, jaundice, sudden headaches, sudden weakness or numbness, chest pains, pain spreading to the arm, sweating, nausea, coughing up blood, bloody or tarry stools, nosebleeds or other bleeding that does not stop.

Preventing cardiovascular events

In case of certain cardiovascular conditions and events, your risk of suffering heart attacks and strokes may be increased. In such cases, Generic Plavix is often prescribed. If this should happen to you, you will do well to order Generic Plavix online and save some money that way.

When the drug should not be used

Generic Plavix should not be taken if you are allergic to clopidogrel or if you have active bleeding on your body, such as bleeding in the brain or stomach ulcers. Inform your doctor of any other chronic conditions that you might suffer from.

How long should you take the drug Take Generic Plavix for the full duration of your treatment. Do not discontinue it without discussing it with your physician