Generic Propecia - Buy Finasteride Online - Prices & Information

Generic Propecia - Buy Finasteride Online - Prices & Information

Also known as: Generic Propecia 1 mg
Active ingredient: Finasteride
Manufacturer : Centurion Laboratories
Product Code: PR12138
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Proscalpin 1 mg

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90 tablets
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120 tablets
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150 tablets
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300 tablets
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320 tablets
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Product Information

Finasteride 1Mg is a tablet characterised by a film cover and is used to treat the abnormality of hair lose in male individuals. There are numerous situations where men lose hair as a result of thinning of scalp hair thus leading to balding. Balding occurs in the upper part of the heading. The drug works by stopping testosterone from being converted to dihydrotestosterone. The generic name of the drug is finasteride. Currently, there is no therapeutically corresponding description of the drug anywhere in the world.               


Unlike most drugs that are ingested in different amounts as prescribed by a specialist, Propecia is administered in the 1Mg strength only.


The medication is to be ingested once every day without skipping. To get maximum results, it is advisable to continue taking the drug for 3 months or more according to the doctor’s instructions.

Side effects

Propecia may cause side effects. In this case, if any of the effects persists one should promptly inform a doctor or pharmacist. The serious effects include

  • Dizziness when you get up after sitting or lying in one place for long.

  • Confusion

  • Sweating

Other less severe effects include the enlargement of breasts and weight gain. Patients can also experience skin rush and hives.


The drug should be kept far away to avoid coming into contact with women and children who may ingest or touch it. Touching the tablet can result to harm more so in women since the drug is known for having absorbing traits. This can only occur when the drug is crushed or broken and so to prevent absorption, manufacturers cover the tablet with a thin cover.

If a patient withdraws from taking the dosage, the chances of such a patient experiencing the similar disease are high, the period is usually 12 months.

Scientists have recommended tests before one starts taking Propecia as it can lead to the development of cancer.

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